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How Gambling Works


Skill & Knowledge

Learn how skill and knowledge factor into games of chance

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Finding Help


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If you find yourself gambling too much, or if it no longer feels like a game, there’s help if you need it.

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In this simple card game you can bet on the Banker or Player. Whichever hand has the closest to 9, wins.  You may also bet on a Tie.

Play Baccarat Online

You can play Baccarat online now!

Game Overview

There are several variations of this game with subtle differences in the game rules. The main objective is to try to predict which of the two hands, 'Player' or 'Banker', will have a point total closest to 9, the highest value for a hand. You must wager on the possible outcomes before the cards are dealt. 

Game Types: EZ Baccarat, Main Floor Squeeze Baccarat, Classic EZ Baccarat, Midi EZ Baccarat, Midi Baccarat, Mini Baccarat. 

See Guest Services for game types available, rules and payout information. 

How To Play

Find out more about how to play baccarat.

Odds of Winning

Baccarat is a chance-based casino game. All the lucky charms in the world won't affect the results of games of chance. It doesn't matter if you just lost three times in a row, or 40. The odds of winning never change. The only thing you can control is how much you bet, how often you play and for how long. That's why many players set a limit beforehand — it's the best way to keep chance-based games fun. For more information on the odds of winning all games, visit