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How Gambling Works


Skill & Knowledge

Learn how skill and knowledge factor into games of chance

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Finding Help


Finding Help | GameSense

If you find yourself gambling too much, or if it no longer feels like a game, there’s help if you need it.

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Horse Racing

Excitement comes standard with every horse race. Anything can happen, making horse racing one of the most thrilling events you can bet on.

Game Overview

You have the opportunity to bet on live horse racing and be part of the atmosphere at Elements Casino or Hastings Racecourse & Casino. Additionally, The Racebook at select Casino and Chances locations allows you to enjoy the thrill and excitement of betting on some of the world's finest horse racing in a comfortable teletheatre equipped with flat screen TVs. Place a bet on your favourite horse or just sit back and enjoy the action with a group of friends.

Odds of Winning

Horse racing is a skill-based game. For some games it is possible to improve your chances of winning by learning more about the game or by developing skills as a player. This is because players must make decisions that can affect the outcome of the game.

But just because you might think you know the horses, and are skilled at making bets, it's important to remember that you can't affect the outcome of the race; chance still has a big part to play. The best players in the world know when it's time to walk away.