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Finding Help

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Royal Match 21

Royal Match 21© is an optional side bet for blackjack that considers the first two cards you receive. If your first two cards are the same suit or a Royal Match (a king and queen in suit), you win according to the posted paytable.  



  • Place wager using the bet buttons
  • Beat the dealer by getting closer to 21 without going over (Face cards have a value of ten).
  • Dealers deals each player two cards
  • Dealer takes one card and places face up
  • Select/Press HIT to receive another card of STAND to end turn
  • Dealer takes second card
  • If Dealer has blackjack (21 with two cards) and player does not, player loses initial bet. All other bets, except insurance are returned (split and/or double down)
  • If dealer has blackjack the insurance bet is paid as normal and the surrender is not counted
  • If dealer does not have blackjack the insurance bet is collected as normal and the surrender is paid as normal
  • Dealer stands on hands of hard 17 or higher, hits on hands of 16 or lower. See screen for "Soft 17" rules ("Soft hand contains an Ace, used as "1"or "11"
  • Players beating the dealer are paid
  • If the dealer's first card is an ace INSURANCE is offered, betting the dealer has blackjack. If the dealer has blackjack, the player is paid

Bet Royal Match Bet (Bet 1 Bonus) for a chance to win increased amounts based on player's first two cards. Malfunctions void all pays and plays.



All winning bets are paid even money except for Blackjack, which pays 3 to 2. When a push occurs, you keep your original bet.

A Blackjack (two cards that equal 21) beat all other combinations of cards that equal 21. A two-card 21 on split hands is not a Blackjack.

Odds of Winning Royal Match 21

Royal Match 21 is a skill-based casino game. For some games it is possible to improve your chances of winning by learning more about the game or by developing skills as a player. This is because players must make decisions that can affect the outcome of the game. For example, there are different strategies for playing blackjack. If you understand blackjack strategy, you can improve your decision-making and your chances of winning.

But don't be fooled, chance still plays a big part. No matter your skill level, you still can't control the hand you're dealt. The best players in the world know when it's time to fold.

In Blackjack, while the shuffling of the cards can produce a random deal, there is still an element of decision-making that can affect a player's results. One strategy some blackjack players use in an effort to maximize their results is "basic strategy".

Basic strategy is a set of rules that tells the player the statistically best way to play a hand based on two factors — the dealer's up card and their own cards. Basic strategy doesn't ensure a player will win every hand. Using basic strategy does however, give a player the best possible chance of winning and will help minimize the cost of play over time. Many casinos distribute basic strategy cards that a player can use while they are playing.

The house advantage in Blackjack varies from a high of 1.9% to a low of 0.54% if you are employing "basic blackjack strategy".